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Online Gambling and Casinos Jurisdiction

In certain countries and regions in the world, online gambling is used in a regulated manner. In these countries, the governments have constituted regulatory bodies that look at the licensing and operations of all online gambling sites that fall into their jurisdiction.

When an establishment want to create an online gambling site it has to apply for a license from the regulatory body in which jurisdiction it falls. The gaming jurisdictions carry out checks before giving the license.

It is important for online players to know which the reputable gaming commissions are and should only play at those online casinos that have been licensed by them. By playing at online casinos that have not been licensed the players stand a chance to be cheated by the casino either because of unfair games or because the casino refuses to pay out there winnings.

The gaming jurisdictions checks three areas of the applicant online casino. The areas are the background of the promoters, the fairness of the games and the internet and mechanism of paying the players winnings. For the jurisdictions to check the background the applicant casino is required to provide all the information about his present and past activities of the promoting organizations. The information includes financial statements and references. Calculating the fairness of the games involves putting the games through a random number generator to check the risk analysis and insuring that the house payout rations have been reported correctly. Before the casino is licensed, the casino must arrange for a monthly independent audit to be done. To ensure that the players are paid out there winnings the financial strength must be examined and it must ensure that the payout system is automatic and transparent. The jurisdiction must also ensure that the players can report complaints directly to them.

There are numerous licensing jurisdictions in the world the most popular and recommended are;

Please remember to make sure that you have checked out any local laws and regulations before you choose to register with any of the featured brands.
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